Camp Ramblings 4-7-14

Well, I’m still behind by about two and a half days.  I’ll do my best to close the gap some today.  (I’m hoping for a 3k day — I’m too “out of shape” to think I can do 5k.)

But the good news is that it’s getting easier.

I’ve been using to get myself to write, and for the first couple days it was hard: each word felt like I was pulling it out of a concrete block.  (I haven’t gone back and re-read what I wrote, but I’m guessing it reads like a concrete block, too.)  Yesterday, however, the words flowed much more easily.  I’m pretty sure it’s still stilted and awkward, but it’s getting better,  and I’m learning to go with the flow of the story again.

No, that’s not quite right.  I’m learning to let the story flow.

I don’t really have an outline for this — just a few points that need to be covered — so I’m sort of pantsing* it.

I normally do work with an outline:  it keeps me on track, and the more detailed I make it the faster and easier my writing goes.   But in a way, it does interrupt the flow of the story.  This one has just branched off in a direction I hadn’t expected, with a minor character having a vision that is going to be reflected in Book Three, which happens almost 20 years after this one.  It’s genius!

Or it would be if I had, you know… planned it…











*pantsing: writing by the seat of your pants


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  1. Way to go on pantsing it. I can never completely do that. I need a basic outline at least before I can get anything done. Anyways, I’m sure you can catch up. Good luck!

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