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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’ll Write You Tomorrow…

Camp’s only a day away…

Yeah, I know.  I can’t sing.  Pretend I’m on key, all right?

All right.  Now then, as I was saying…

Tomorrow Camp NaNoWriMo starts and never have I been this unprepared.

I take that back.  I may have been this unprepared for the first NaNoWriMo I ever did, which makes it sort of appropriate, in a way.

My first NaNoWriMo resulted in the rough draft of a book which I realized as I wrote it was the third book of a trilogy.  This year, finally, I am getting around to finishing said trilogy.  Books one and two have been started for a while and have been languishing in a forgotten folder on my computer, but no more!  Now they are seeing the light of day, breathing the fresh air of Camp NaNoWriMo, and hopefully not drowning me in the lake.

The novels-to-be are all packed and ready to go.

They have their characters, their stuffed plot bunnies, and their favorite noms.

They have been vaccinated against procrastination, distraction, and the need to sleep.

They have a shared tent and individual sleeping bags.

They have signed up for activities: plot hole awareness, inner editor avoidance, and completed first draft.

I’ll be going along as a camp counselor/chaperone.

Guess I’d better go brush up on my campfire songs…

(Does anyone know the words to “Kumbaya”?



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