Looming Deadlines

I love deadlines.  Seriously.  Without them I probably wouldn’t get anything done.

For instance, Camp NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday, and so does NaPoWriMo.  In order to be ready for the two of them I need to have some stuff done and out of the way:

I want to have Sunday Snippet posts scheduled through April, both for Sanguine and for Doll.  (Which means I have to do some writing for Doll, as I don’t have enough of it written to carry me more than another week, if that.)

I also need to get posts written for my Pagan blog, The Wytch’s Cauldron.

I would like to finish the current edit of Sanguine and either find someone willing to give it a read or just format it and be done with it.

I also need to re-read what I have written for Books One and Two of The Other Mages trilogy and make some sort of rudimentary outline of them for Camp, or at least a list of what needs to happen by the end of each book and what loose ends are in danger of being left dangling.


I’ve been off for the last two days and I have done…

None of the above.

Well, last night I finished rough drafts of Cauldron posts, and I edited eight or nine chapters of Sanguine, but that’s been about it.

Which means that today, in addition to lunch out and a trip for groceries, I need to do everything else on my list, or as much of it as is humanly possible.

And you know what?  Most of it will get done.

Why?  Because there is a deadline looming over me and I know that for the next three days work will suck the life and energy out of me.

How?  Because almost all of this could have been done on Wednesday if I had just buckled down and done it.

Why didn’t I?  Because the deadline wasn’t ominously close enough.  And now that it is,now that I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything, panic ensues, adrenaline kicks in, and things get done.


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5 responses to “Looming Deadlines

  1. shegyes

    That sounds about right. I have to get better at following my own deadlines. My goal was to write a short story every month, and with everything going on… Well… I’ve outlined a few, but only written one and about half of another. Yeah… April’s looming close. I should have three done and ready for editing, but I don’t.

  2. winterbayne

    I’m getting all the non-writing stuff out of the way for nano. Helping other writers get their plots squared. I live dangerously with my own nano project.

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