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A Shiny!

I try so hard to be good, to focus on just one or two (or 4 or 5) projects at a time, but it’s hard.

I need to finish the edit on Sanguine — that’s the number one priority.

Number two is a tie between Doll and The Other Mages Trilogy. The trilogy is probably a bit more of a priority for me than Doll is, but Doll is less complicated so it’s easier to focus on.

Then, in no particular order at this point in time, there is The Academy of the Accord series and the sequel to Song and Sword.

So, with all that lined up, why did I find myself outlining something new the other day? I tell ya, it’s a sickness! In counted cross stitch, we call it “startitis.” (And I’ve noticed that I seem to have a thing for magic users being paired with warriors. That’s a large part of the premise of The Academy of the Accord, and it also seems to be forming the basis of the new story that is taking shape in my head.)

But I swear, all I’m going to do with it is make an outline. I’m not going to start writing it! I promise!

Because, as pretty and exciting and interesting as this new plot bunny is, sooner or later it will turn into a grind and I’ll have yet another unfinished project hanging over my head to feel guilty about. I need to at least finish Sanguine and The Other Mages Trilogy before starting anything new.

Oh, and I have really done myself in as far as productivity goes…

I’ve been wanting some pet rats, and on Wednesday I finally got some. Three brothers, 5 weeks old. Their cage is right next to my computer and they love to come out and be held, which makes it really hard to type.

(Their names are Peter, Paul, and Perry, by the way, and, yes, I’ve been dodging rotten tomatoes.)

They each have a distinct personality, and, of course, there is now a part of me that wants to write them into a novel, and (also of course) they won’t really fit into any of my current projects.

But sooner or later…

Hopefully later.


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