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Sanguine: Progress Toward Publication

I’m actually quite pleased with the weekend’s progress, all things considered.  I’m going through a phase where I wake up every couple hours all night long, so between that and my job (I’m in the middle of six in a row) I’ve been feeling pretty tired and dragged out.


I have managed to fix a few things at the beginning of the book that one beta reader said were problematic.  For instance, I slipped in some more background information for character development for those who aren’t good at reading between the lines.

There are a few more scenes to fix later in the book, things that are bothering me but that the beta readers never got to.

One is strictly character related.  Mirela needs more fire.  Currently she’s a weak, weepy mess, and not the strong, fun-loving, adventurous woman that I had envisioned her to be.

And while I’m adjusting secondary characters, Gavril needs a darker tone.

And then there are a few shaky leaps of logic that need to be shored up.

Actually, Gavril and the logic flaws will be the most time-consuming to fix.  They are related, the result of a late-appearing plot bunny masquerading as a flash of inspiration, and are going to take some sorting out and rethinking.

(Inspiration for what, I’m not certain. And there is still a chance that I might change that part.  We’ll see how the next (hopefully final!) round of edits goes.

(It really did seem like a great idea at the time…)

But right now I’m facing a potentially bigger issue.  For some reason Word is not recognizing its dictionary.  As a fantasy writer, that is worrisome…



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