Sunday Excerpt — February 23, 2014

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still in progress) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.

(I am done with beta readers, and Sanguine is in next-to-final-edit stage, so this is still a work in progress and the following lines may or may not have been hacked and recombined and creatively punctuated to fit into 10 sentences.)

Kaen and Gregor have finished their shower and Kaen is making Gregor drink another glass of a health drink.


Gregor took a sip, then drank more deeply as his body accepted it and hungered for it almost the way it hungered for his Master.

“Good?”  Kaen asked.

“It doesn’t matter what it tastes like,” Gregor replied. “I would drink it by the gallon if it would get me strong enough for you to feed from and to… enjoy.”

Kaen smiled. “Ah, Gregor… I do enjoy you.” 

“You know what I mean.” Gregor looked away.  Had he misread everything about Kaen?

“Say it,” Kaen said, his voice soft.  “I need to hear you say it.”

There was something lost and pleading in his tone and Gregor turned to look at him, then gently reached up and touched his face, remembering that Kaen had been alone for a very long time, lost and wandering for centuries that had turned into millennia.



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14 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — February 23, 2014

  1. They have such a touching relationship.

  2. Gregor is simply adorable! I can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves.

  3. Gem

    A very sensual and poignant scene. I really like these characters.

  4. Very affecting scene, but it also reminds me of when I used to give blood to the blood bank. (They won’t take me now, since I once used beef-pork insulin.)

  5. I like these characters and their relationship, too.

  6. These two are such a great couple. i look forward to another bit from them every weekend. :)

  7. Sometimes you just need to hear the words. Lovely snippet.

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