Preparing to Publish Sanguine

Well, it’s time…

My weekend project will be to get Sanguine fixed up so I can get it printed for what I hope will be the final edit.

One beta reader gave me comments on the first chapter or so and I will be taking some of her suggestions, but other than that I’m on my own.  (Unless I can catch a couple of the other beta readers online tomorrow before I go to work and get just a quick overview/general reaction type feedback from them.)

Anyhow, Sanguine is going to be my project through the weekend.  I doubt that I’ll get it printed before Wednesday, though, which means I’m most likely not going to make my goal of having it come out this month, as it will have to be edited, corrected, and formatted.

Oh, and I need to make a cover for it.

And write a blurb. I hate writing blurbs.

And all of the front stuff:  copyright, acknowledgements, disclaimer, etc.  Not hard, just annoying.

*sigh* This is the first time that making a list of stuff I need to do is making it seem worse than it actually is.

It should go a little more smoothly than my formatting for Song and Sword, though.  I hope.

For one thing, I didn’t double space between paragraphs (and I have gone through all of my current projects and fixed the ones where I did) so all I’ll have to do will be insert the indentations and “remove space before paragraphs.”

And I am not going to give myself the headache of chapter links.  They had me tearing my hair out last time and there is one that is still a problem for Smashwords, even though I deleted the chapter links. (I should completely reformat it and start over.  Maybe I’ll do that after I get Sanguine done.)

I wonder if hitting that button to publish the second novel will be as frightening as it was for the first one?  Only one way to find out…

Once Sanguine is published, and Song and Sword is fixed, I can focus on The Other Mages trilogy.  I still have a goal of getting it finished and released this year, although I think that the Academy of the Accord series is going to get pushed back.  Again.

For The Other Mages I’m thinking of flying solo — no beta readers.

But we’ll see.  I’ll probably have a crisis of confidence before it gets finished and published and will be looking for a second opinion again.

Which I probably won’t get and I’ll swear off beta readers again.

Until next time.




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2 responses to “Preparing to Publish Sanguine

  1. shegyes

    No beta readers? None? O_O I don’t believe it. Wow…

    • That’s all right, I don’t believe it either. LOL Since anything close to a release date for the trilogy is months away I will most likely have changed my mind by then. Again.

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