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Love Spanks and Brand

Earlier this month I did some musing about branding based on what little I understand about it – mostly that it deals with recognition and expectation.

I may have mentioned Love Spanks at the time, as well. 

Since then, I have decided to use an excerpt from an unfinished novel (don’t pretend that you don’t have a bunch of those around!) rather than something more… erotic… written for the occasion.

I did this for a couple reasons.

One: I’m lazy.

Two: I don’t write erotica, at least, not under this name.  (Well, not as such.  There may be some scenes now and then, but…)

My brand (that I hope to create) is one of fantasy that is mostly G rated, maybe some PG-13.  (Okay, Sanguine might tip over into R territory, but that’s the exception rather than the rule, and even in it the sex, although integral to what happens between the two men, is not the focus of the plot.)

So, anyhow, back to Love Spanks.

In a conversation with Ana, the organizer, I mentioned the name of the event, because I was worried about reader expectations: there is no spanking in my excerpt.  (There isn’t any spanking in any of my books.)

She told me not to worry because most of them wouldn’t have spanking in them, which made me ask if the name was appropriate or if it would set up false expectations, and she said that it was a brand.  (She does write F/F spanking fiction.)

So, yes, the logo for this event


fits her brand perfectly.

But it doesn’t fit mine. (Er, my brand to be, that is.  Sheesh! Now I feel like I’m going to be marrying it.)  It looks wildly out of place on my blog.

I suppose that gets it noticed, but it’s also sort of… jarring.

(I swear, by the time she does something like this again I’m going to have my erotica blog (under a pen name) up and running.  It would make my life so much simpler!)

So, I’m slowly learning about creating my brand, mostly by learning what it isn’t, both as recognition and expectation.







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