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Deadline in 5 Days

“Another Sunday night and I ain’t got no topic…”

Can I blame it on the weather?

It’s cold and snowy and totally uninspiring.

Meh, that’s a cop out.

I just haven’t felt like working on Book One of The Other Mages trilogy so I haven’t been.  Bad me.

And I’m letting myself get distracted by a shiny new plot bunny that involves a dragon.  I haven’t been writing it, but it’s been roaming around in my imagination drinking all my creative juice.

(Or at least all of it that isn’t frozen, and it’s probably using that as ice cubes.)

And I don’t know why it is, but it’s true that the more time you have to do something the less of that something you do.

For instance, my corner for doing counted cross stitch is downstairs in the front room:  there isn’t any place up here in my bedroom where I can get comfy and have good lighting for it.  Factor in that I really don’t like the babble of the television: I’m a seeker of silence and my roommate is allergic to it.  I’m also a morning person and she… isn’t.  So I get up and go downstairs and stitch before she gets up and turns on the television.  She was away all last weekend and I didn’t put a single stitch in.

The same seems to hold true for my writing.  If I have all day to write, nothing gets written.  I keep thinking that I’ll do it “as soon as I…”

It’s not procrastination, exactly. It’s more… thinking that I have more time than I do.

That’s why NaNoWriMo is so awesome.  You know that you have a limited amount of time to make your goal and that keeps you focused on it to the exclusion of all else.  (At least, it does if you are serious about doing it and make it a priority.)

Hmmm… maybe that’s my problem.  Maybe I haven’t made writing my priority lately.

Counting today, I have five days until the end of the month.

Five days to finish the first book of the Other Mages trilogy.

Five days of making writing my priority… again.


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