Sunday Excerpt — January 26, 2014

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still in progress) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.

(Sanguine is out to my beta readers now, but still being refined and revised, so this is still a work in progress and the following lines may or may not have been hacked and recombined and creatively punctuated to fit into 10 sentences.)

If you want to pick up from the beginning, I started weekly excerpts from this in October.

Continuing from last week.  Kaen has given in to his need to take Gregor’s blood – and Gregor’s needs as well.

His fangs penetrated the soft flesh and the rich warm blood filled his mouth, fueling him to greater lust as Gregor writhed and bucked wildly beneath him. Gregor’s back arched, his body stiffening as he cried out and then he went limp, the spasm of his orgasm fading, his arms sliding from around Kaen’s back.

Kaen drew once again from the wounds on his neck and then sealed them nuzzling at his throat. 

“Gregor?” He pushed himself up and looked down at the man beneath him, so pale and still.  “Gregor?  What have I done?”  He closed his eyes, trembling. “Gregor…”  His voice was barely audible, choked by an overwhelming grief and fear.


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17 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — January 26, 2014

  1. He is going to end up killing him if that’s not already the case. Can’t he find someone else to feed on the time for Gregor to recover?

  2. Aaaah, the consequences of the throws of passion!
    Nice 8.

  3. Oh no. Something must be done or he’ll end up killing Gregor.

  4. That was a pretty hot vampire scene right there! I think they better figure something out so Gregor doesn’t end up dying! Well done PT!

    (I’m here, got an error when I tried to add to the WWW list last night.)
    The Murders of Polly Frisch

  5. Oh, no . . . I hope Gregor just fainted from pleasure and not lack of the red stuff!

  6. He’s certainly going to have to figure some way to keep Gregor’s blood supply up.

  7. Now I have to worry about poor Gregor for a week! Oh noes! Powerful snippet…

  8. There are certainly hazards to a relationship with a vampire.

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