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Flash Fiction

Ye gads! I had no idea it would be that hard!

The challenge: write a 100 to 250 word flash fiction.

No sweat, I thought.  I mean,  I routinely write far more than that in a day so this should be a piece of proverbial cake, right?


I ended up with something that was 389 words long (and I still had so much more I wanted to write!) and I had to cut and edit and condense and… Sheesh!

But I managed to whittle it down to 249 words, and, masochist that I am, I’m looking forward to doing it again next week.

Sadly, however, it has spawned a new plot bunny and I have more than enough of those.  Still, it is something to play around with… I’m in the process of gathering characters and then we’ll see what kind of plot I end up with:

A warrior, a mage, and a cleric walk into a ruined manor house…   

All joking aside, though, it is a great exercise.

I can’t say that my chopping made it a stronger piece, quite the opposite, I think.

But it did force me to look at the words that I used more closely than I normally do and weed out some fillers.  This can only help me in other editing projects.

Meanwhile, writing something this short is going to take practice.

And is going to create a whole lot of plot bunnies…



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