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Well, it’s been a semi-productive weekend.  I got 2 or 3 thousand words written, but I’m just not sure what I should be doing with this story right now, how much detail I should go into regarding Trebor’s training.  I know, I know.  For now, just write it.  If it feels sloggy in the pre-editing read through, fix it then.

I also launched yet another assault on my craft room, trying to get all of my counted cross stitch charts into one container and in alphabetical order.  It didn’t quite happen – I had to pull all of the Heaven and Earth Designs charts out and put them into their own bin as they were taking up over half the space in the other one.

Said assault was probably a bad idea, though.  For one thing, I should have been resting my sore knee more than I was, although I was careful not to overstress it. And for another thing, I found a whole bunch more charts that I want to pull out and kit up and start.

(I’m a serial starter for cross stitch as much as I am novels:  Stitch Bunnies are close cousins to Plot Bunnies, and I’m sure there are others in the family of New Start Bunnies.)

(Anyone want to make fake Latin names for these?  Like Bunniculi Stitchiti, Bunniculi Novelitas, and Bunniculi Novo-genesium?)

Anyhow, I’m still chugging away at Book One of The Other Mages trilogy (and working on the Peacock Sampler) and trying to stay focused and ignore all the other bunnies.

This trilogy is near and dear to my heart, seeing as how it came from my very first novel.  The first NaNoWriMo I ever did, I ended up writing what turned out to be book three of a trilogy, and I’ve been kicking around finishing them ever since.

Of course, that first ever novel has plot holes that you can fly an Air Force squadron through and is due for pretty much a total rewrite when I get back to it, but I’m still pretty darned proud of it.

I mean, really, it was my first novel – it’s always going to hold a special place in my heart, and someday (later this year if all goes well) I’ll actually share it (and the other two books) with the rest of the world…

…after I finish Books One and Two, which was supposed to happen this month, and then do Book Three’s rewrite, and then edit everything…

Oh, and name them all.

By then Sanguine will be out, so my first novel will end up being the fifth one that I publish.

I wonder if I will be as nervous as I was when I released Song and Sword?

No one ever said it was going to be easy…


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