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“You need to focus.”

“You need to focus” was the prompt for this week’s Thursday Threads Challenge.   I didn’t participate but I should have:  gods know that I need to take that piece of advice.

I seem to have been on a bit of a vacation this week.  (A writer’s vacation:  I may not have been writing, but I’ve been thinking about writing.)

Part of it is due to an influx of plot bunnies, none of which are related to any current works in progress, and at least one of which belongs on my other blog.  They make it really hard to focus.

Bits and pieces to the sequel to Song and Sword have been kicking around in my head as well.  I just wish they’d start forming a coherent structure of some kind.

Another factor is that I did something to really annoy my right knee and it’s happier with fewer stairs to climb so I’m staying downstairs in my stitching corner more than I am up here in my writing corner.

And yet another part of it is due to a sudden return of my cross stitch addiction.  I’m working on a chart that I’m really enjoying so even without my knee’s approval I’d be spending a lot of time in my stitching corner.

peacock 1-15-14

I probably have another two weeks or so to go on it, but I miss writing so I’m going to try to get back to juggling my hobbies better.

(No promises other than “I’ll try,” but I’d really like to get Book One of The Other Mages trilogy done by Wednesday so I can get it printed. Then again, I was hoping to have it done last Wednesday, too, and probably the Wednesday before that.)

(I’m not good at self-imposed deadlines…)

But on a brighter note, I did get my excerpt ready for Love Spanks.    I still need to finish the whole blog post but the major part of it (deciding on an excerpt) is done.

That has led me to doing a lot of thinking about brand recognition so there may be another post on it in the near future, once I sort things out in my own head a bit more.

Now to see if I can have actual novel progress by Monday.

I can if I would just stop letting myself be pulled in so many different directions.


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