A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to “The End”

So, my goal for this month was to finish Book One of The Other Mages trilogy, and to outline and finish Book Two of the same.   Finishing Book One might still happen, and I may manage to outline the rest of Book Two, but I doubt Book Two will be finished.

Somehow I got… sidetracked.

A writing friend (Anastasia Vitsky)   is doing a “Love Spanks” weekend next month and asked if I ever wrote F/F fiction.  I don’t, normally.  I write fantasy and occasional science fiction, and if there are pairings they seem to be mostly M/M.  (Blame the hopefully soon-to-be-released Sanguine and the eventually to-be-released books of The Academy of the Accord series for that.)

So, I almost said no, and then I remembered one of the books from my Month of Insanity.  It has the working title of Disturbed Magic, which is definitely going to be changed, and both of the main characters are female (although one is disguised as a male) so I joined in, which means that between now and the end of the month I have to find a stand alone 2000 word excerpt from it.  (And come up with a better title.)

Or else write something new, which seems like the easier solution and the one that I will probably go with.

And then I somehow got involved in doing the Thursday Threads  challenge next month on another writer friend’s blog.  It’s an ongoing thing so I’ll probably continue doing it, at least now and then, although it’s bad for me.  (I have enough plot bunnies without those prompts creating new ones.)

It’s going to be fun!

(Not necessarily productive, but fun!)


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