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Word Games


I love word games – I always have.

Crossword puzzles – the harder the better.


Invented games like making words out of the letters on car license plates or the letters of peoples’ names., or picking a topic (like flowers) and going through the alphabet and trying to come up with one for every letter.

Then came computers and I played Scrabble online, and BugWords, which was like Scrabble but they couldn’t use that name.

And Bookworm.

Then recently I found this game called Letter Garden.  Addictive!

And from it I found The Book of Treasures.  Also addictive! 

And then I found Flip Words which is really, really addictive.

And that is why I’m not getting much writing done.

But, hey! At least it’s word related!

And they help with writing.

Well, they help me with writing. They distract the more analytical part of my mind and let the creative side kick back and watch and plot, helping me get past the occasional sticking point.

Useful procrastination.

As long as I don’t spend too much time on them.


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