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Too Many Goals?

On Monday I talked about goals for the year.  I’ve managed to make a nice organized chart for them and so far I’m doing okay with them, except I think that (as usual) I’ve set myself too many.

Sanguine is now officially in the hands of two of its beta readers.  (I haven’t seen the third online to get it to her.)  And, of course, now that it is more or less out of my hands for a while, I have a great idea to “fix” one of the characters and… not really “break” another, but definitely make him darker.  *sigh*    What’s that line?  “I do my best proofreading after I hit submit.”

So, anyhow, there are some changes coming for a couple characters, one of which will affect the plot a bit, which is a good thing, because it’s a little shaky in that part.

Book One of The Other Mages trilogy is chugging along slowly.  I had myself written into a corner, got out of it, and promptly wrote myself into another one.  *sigh* I have found a way out, but it’s going to involve rewriting a fair amount of stuff.   (Oh the other hand, at least I found a way out!)

I do need to focus on it more than I have been – I let myself get sidetracked by other hobbies – currently crocheting squares for charity afghans. I had forgotten how much I enjoy crochet – and I hadn’t realized how much yarn we had!  I’m hoping to make a pretty good sized dent in the yarn stash by the end of the month, but then, I’m also hoping to finish both Book One and Book Two by the end of the month.

I need to learn to live without sleep…



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