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Progress, Sex, and Christmas Wishes

Okay, so that’s a lousy title.  I never claimed to be good at them.  (In fact, I admitted that I was horrible at them.)


I have just passed the halfway point of the first edit of Sanguine. So far it’s going better than I had hoped, but I’m pretty sure that as I get into some of the later scenes progress is going to slow down.  I haven’t looked ahead but I’m pretty sure that I left myself a lot of notes to check this, that, or the other.

Oh, and it doesn’t seem to be sucking as much as it did on Friday.

(Writers measure progress by such small things…)

I’m hoping to finish the first go-round by Christmas.  (Hear that, Editing Gods?  That would make an awesome present…)

Maybe I’ll pack up my editing bag tomorrow and go hide in the library where there are no distractions. (That works as long as I leave my laptop at home.)

I’m making a little less progress (okay, a lot less progress) on writing, but I still hope to finish the first draft of Book One of The Other Mages trilogy by the end of the year. (But then, I do tend to be something of an optimist.)

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about Sanguine.  It contains a fair amount of sex scenes, at least at first, and I’m uncertain how they will be received.  I would cut them out, but I’m not sure I can without leaving huge gaps at the beginning of the novel.

(Cue the headache.)

I do wish that I knew how other writers deal with sex scenes in their novels.  I mean, it’s expected in erotica, but this isn’t erotica, exactly.  It’s also not romance.  It’s science fiction with elements of a semi-paranormal M/M romance. But the romance isn’t the plot.

(Cue the headache on top of the headache.)

Ah, well… I’ll sort it out… either in the next edit or the one after the beta readers get a crack at it.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Happy Holiday-of-Your-Choice to those who don’t.  May all of your reading and writing wishes come true.

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