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No Writing Done This Weekend

I seem to be on a bit of a break from writing. Things have been a little chaotic this weekend.

It started with my best friend’s graduation from nursing school on Saturday.

(The weather service had to pick that day to be right about the winter storm warning. )

It was a rather scary trip to campus – I nearly went into the guard rails at the end of our street and a few miles out of town I hit a bad spot and got into a spin that I couldn’t control and nearly wrecked – but I finally made it, and with lots of time to spare.

While I was waiting for the ceremony to start I checked email with my phone, and found out that a friend of mine had died unexpectedly the day before and I spent the entire ceremony fighting tears.

Then I spent the entire trip home fighting tears and and the road as it was snowing (still or again, I’m not sure).

Since my roommate and I were in separate cars, we decided to stop and have a late lunch (or early supper) on the way home. We left the campus parking lot by different routes and I sat in the restaurant’s parking lot for half an hour before I gave up and left her a voice mail that I was going to go home before the roads got worse.

(Too late — they were worse. That last couple of miles was the worst part of the whole trip.)

Shortly after I got home she called — she had wrecked her car. It was still drivable, though and she was almost home when she called me. She’s not hurt but the car needs some help. (She can’t open the driver’s side door and has to crawl across the seat for one thing.)

So, yeah. Saturday was not the happiest day on record.

Sunday was kind of a lost day, in part because I had stayed up until 4:00 in the morning because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I went to bed.

Today (Monday) is going to be taken up with painting the inside of milkweed pods to make ornaments. (The outsides have been sprayed with gold glitter paint, and, as per usual when I am around paint, so have my fingers. Now I get to add blue to the gold sparkles that I can’t seem to get rid of.)

And then I have to get cleaned up and go to a writers’ group meeting, providing I can get my car out of its parking place. (The streets were worse than the roads when I got home on Saturday and when I tried to straighten my car up a bit in its parking place I started spinning so I may be sitting on ice by now.)

Tuesday will be devoted to finishing the ornaments — Wednesday might be too, depending on how Tuesday goes — and Wednesday night is the ornament exchange. I also have to find something for the white elephant gift exchange that night. (I have several things in mind — just have to decide on one.

So, it might be Thursday before I can get into any serious writing.

By then I will be more than ready to get back into it.  I miss it.   I’ve been thinking about it, but just can’t seem to summon the energy to actually do it..

Stress can do that to you.

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