My Never, Never Project

I finally finished Book 5 of The Academy of the Accord series — more or less.

It’s a (very) rough draft and has a long way to go to even be legitimately considered a first draft, but I sort of gave up.  I printed what I have, along with a lot of extra scenes that go in it somewhere, and when I do the first edit I’ll flag everything with colored Post-It notes and move them around on paper.  It’s just easier for me to “see” where things go that way.

(There is a logic flaw that corrupted the original version of how a character is introduced.  It was followed by several attempted alternate methods, all of which had some things I like and want to use, but the timing of events is now out of whack. Hopefully by the time I get back to it I’ll have a fresh perspective on it.)

So it’s not “done” but I’m done with it – for now.

This has been the hardest book of the series to write, mostly because I’m not so much writing it as I am untangling other things from it.

See, this didn’t start out to be series.  It started out to be one book about 2 characters (Senzu and Draethlen) on a journey.  Then a flashback got out of control and…

And now Senzu isn’t even introduced until Book 4 and Draethlen until Book 5.

And I’m not even going to have a book about their journey.

At least, I’m not planning on one.

But then, I didn’t plan on any of the 12 books in the series.

I keep pushing back the release dates for The Academy of the Accord. I still have four books that need their first drafts written and then I can start editing and trying to make sure that the entire series has some sort of consistency.

When it is finally released I’m going to feel so lost without it to work on.  I know that there will be other things, but this one is my “never, never project.”  (I had a college roommate who was tatting a bedspread – or tablecloth, I don’t remember which – and she called it her “never, never project” as in “I am never, never going to get this finished.”)

But with only four books left I can get it done by the end of 2014, then spend 2015 editing it, and release it to the world in 2016.

Yeah.  We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted.

But it will get finished.

Some year.


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