Torching It

Well, my plan to do a scene a day on Sanguine has sort of failed, but I am writing again.  Not anything useful, mind you, but I am writing.  I’m back to working on the Academy of the Accord series… sort of.

I’ll bet you’re wondering how you can be “sort of” working on a series.  Well, it’s like this.  I’m not working on Book 5 which is the one that is almost finished.  No, I’m writing a scene that belongs toward the beginning of Book Two, which is done and ready for editing so this really isn’t needed, except it’s fun to write.  And it does show some character development of four of the series’ main characters, and explains the wizard and Warder bond that is one of the main parts of the books, so…

(Yeah, I can rationalize anything!)

Of course, it’s a little harder to rationalize the two alternate version scenarios I wrote for Book 2, but they are short and they were fun.   And after all, this is a hobby – it’s supposed to be fun.  So there!

But if all of that isn’t bad enough, I was kicked back relaxing with a non-fiction book on Sunday while dinner was cooking (we did our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday – holidays are flexible in this house) and while I was reading it a plot bunny hopped in.

Just what I need… another plot bunny.

And, sadly, I don’t think I’m going to be able to take my own advice about shiny new plot bunnies.

Seriously, muse, I appreciate the flow of ideas and I hope they never stop but have you seen how many things I’m already juggling?

Well, what’s one more, right?

Besides, I’m only working on an outline and character development.  I’m not actually writing it.

(I told you I could rationalize anything.)

In all seriousness, though, it feels really good to have the words and creativity flowing again.

Now I just need to find some focus for them:  right now it’s like there’s a disco ball in my head, flashing sparkles of light everywhere, and what I really need is a laser beam.

Or at least a flashlight.

Then again, I mostly write fantasy so a torch would work.

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