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Sunday Excerpt — November 17, 2013

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still in progress) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.

(This is still a work in progress and the following lines have been hacked and recombined and creatively punctuated to fit into 10 sentences.)

Picking up from last week, Kaen is mesmerized by the small ceremonial blade Gregor his holding, and has accepted his offer.


Kaen watched hungrily as Gregor pulled his sleeve back and drew the blade across his wrist: blood welled up from the cut, the sight of the rich dark liquid filling his vision as the scent – the overwhelming heady aroma of it — flooded through him. 

He could hear the man’s pulse and the rhythm echoed through his body until he was nearly mad with need and desire and lust and it was all he could do to restrain himself.

 “I offer freely that which you need.” 

 Kaen barely heard the ritual words through the demands running through him.

 “Drink deeply of my life, my Lord.”

 Gregor raised his wrist and Kaen grasped his arm with both hands, steadying it. 

 Closing his eyes he wrapped his lips around the wound and drew the blood into his mouth, moaning in pleasure as he swallowed and felt the power flow through him, overwhelming him. 

 He raised his head and stared into Gregor’s eyes for a moment: they were glazed with the pleasure of a vampire’s taking, and he smiled, then traced his tongue over the cut, sealing it.

 He straightened and Gregor stepped closer:  cupping one hand behind Kaen’s head he drew his lips down to his exposed neck. 

 “Take that which is yours, Master.”

 There was no pain as the vampire’s fangs sank into his flesh, only an explosion of pleasure that grew unbearable, and then a sensation of falling into an endless blackness.

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