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NaNo2013 – 20k

I’m gaining on it.  Almost halfway there. Hopefully I’ll be at 30k by the end of the weekend.

I’m still having a love hate relationship with this novel. I’m pretty sure it has potential. I’m equally sure that I’m ever going to let anyone else see it.  (Yeah, it’s that bad.)

I’m learning a lot, though.

I’m learning that I like writing male characters better than female. (I haven’t learned why.)

And I’m learning that having your main character spending huge amounts of time alone can make for some really sucky writing.

And most importantly I’m learning that it’s okay to leave that really sucky writing there and go on with the story.  It’s not going to go away (sadly) – it will still be there when I’m ready to edit it.

Still, inner editors are persistent nags, so I’ve taken to bribing mine by leaving notes in my rough draft so that it knows that I know that it sucks. I find that acknowledging it in some sort of tangible (visible) form is the best way to move past it – at least for me.

And I think I’m starting to get into the part of the story that I’m going to enjoy more. I feel like everything that I’ve done so far has just been set up for the real story.  It really isn’t (at least, I don’t think it is) but it feels like it.

Then again, I might have a totally different take on it when I reread it.

Sometimes, being too close to your work is a drawback.  (Okay, most times being too close to your work is a drawback.)

So is knowing where the story is going.  I so want to get to the good stuff that I’m not enjoying the journey and am rushing through parts of it.

Huh?  Wasn’t I just complaining that it was dragging and now I’m saying I’m rushing through parts of it?

Trust me – that paradox isn’t a paradox in my mind.

And I bet a lot of others out there can relate as well.


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