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NaNo2013 – 10k

Okay, so NaNoWriMo started on Friday and I wrote 5000 words.  And I hated it.  It seemed like the story was moving too slowly and my main character was weak and passive.  Of course, she just had a lot dumped on her at once so reacting instead of acting would be a normal response, at least until she got her world turned at least mostly right side up.

I only got a couple thousand done on Saturday – I was doing some pretty heavy emotional slogging which made it tough to write.

Sunday involved more emotional slogging but I finally got out of it, but then I was so tired that I just summarized a bunch of stuff, which is all right – I don’t need to write it all out.   The problem is that it’s a very bad summary, but that’s all right, too.  It’s just a first draft – I’ll fix it if and when I edit this thing.

Yes, I’m still not sure if I’m going to work toward publishing it. I’ll wait until I finish it and then put it away for a while.  Eventually I’ll read over it again, and probably do some editing, but before I invest too much time in it I’ll find a beta reader to look it over to get a second opinion as to whether or not it’s worth investing more time in.

Of course, this could all change later in the book – I still might end up loving it:  I’m at least hating it a little less than I did on Friday, and I do have a favorite line.  It comes from Taliya’s father who almost didn’t even get put into the book.

 “I don’t care what Aelind Osbert may have told you, Taliya.  He’s so deep in Maureena’s pockets that he flosses with lint.”


I’m now a little over 10,000 words in.  Well ahead of par but way behind where I wanted to be.  Hopefully with the worst of the emotional stuff behind me I’ll be able to write faster now.

Also, no more Letter Garden until I have finished the novel – or at least hit 50,000 words.  That game is far too addictive and sucks away far too much time.  (Jigzone, however, is allowed – it’s relatively mindless and helps me come up with what to do next.)

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