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To Do

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fond of lists.  In fact, it’s something of a running joke.  (That, and my addiction to tote bags and other “things to put things in.”)  So, it should come as no surprise that I have a list of things I need for my novel, hopefully before November.

Mostly what I need are the things I hate dealing with the most: names.

My outline is looking pretty solid (it’s currently coming in around 2000 words, well, outline and some background notes) and I think that I have the plot holes all patched, at least for now, but things still aren’t looking pretty.  This is what happens when you start world-building from scratch three weeks before NaNo…


mob boss(es)
person who owned the ship before Taliya bought it
name(s) of crime syndicate(s)
name(s) of their legit business(es)
names of law enforcement agencies
— planetary, intrasystem, interstellar
name of “police” lieutenant who questions Taliya and then goes after her
family (grandmother, father, brothers)
Taliya’s lover
Need home world and race and name and description for person in cryo chamber
Need home world and race and name and description for alien slave
name for M’s organization/business
name of company that trained CCG
— name of facility he was at (it was on an isolated asteroid)
Taliya’s company
broker she bought ship from
company/ies that Taliya transports for

Yeah, I think that about covers it.  *sigh*

The trouble is, every time I think I’m getting something knocked off of my list, 2 more things replace it.  It’s like trying to kill a hydra with a spork.  I have the feeling that this draft is going to have a lot of things in it like [PLANET ONE] and [STAR SYSTEM THREE] or even [ASTEROID THREE OF PLANET FIVE IN STAR SYSTEM TWO.]

But hey, I still have ten days!  And I have managed to name one secondary character who doesn’t even show up until the end of the book.  That’s progress, right?




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