Sunday Excerpt — October 20, 2013

More from Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still in progress) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance. With the ship’s refitting complete, Gregor has volunteered to do the final walkthrough with the Captain, as all of the other members of the refitting crew were uneasy around him.  Gregor has just entered the Captain’s ready room.

Kaen Yblis looked to be about forty years old, tall and strongly built, with features that bordered between rugged and delicate.  Shaggy black hair framed a pale face, and his deep set eyes were a dark blue if you got close enough — which few people ever did —  otherwise they seemed to be as black as his hair — or his soul, some said.

“What is it, Gregor?”

“We’ve finished the refitting, sir, if you’d like to do a walk through?”

Kaen frowned.  “Isn’t that normally the foreman’s job?”

Gregor shrugged. “The others are all afraid of you, sir.”

“And you aren’t?”  

“No, sir.”

Kaen held the man’s gaze for a moment, and smiled slowly.   “No,” he murmured, “you aren’t, are you?”  He stood up and stretched, his eyes never leaving the young man in front of him: he couldn’t say that he was displeased with his tour guide.  “Very well, let’s go.”

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14 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — October 20, 2013

  1. Semi-paranormal? He isn’t quite human? Intriguing.

  2. This looks like it could be the start of a beautiful . . . something! :D

  3. historysleuth1

    This is going to get spicy soon isn’t it? :) Nice description from Gregor’s POV.

  4. Interesting. I want to see more!

    • Thanks! I really enjoy these two characters… I’m not sure how or why I got sidetracked and haven’t finished the book. (It’s on my ever-growing “to do” list, though.)

  5. Great start. Love the convo :-)

  6. So is this a start of something more? Hmm…seems to be heading in that direction. :)

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