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No More Scratching

Progress on Tales of the Onyx Sun since Friday’s post:

My main character now has a name: Taliya Swan. She still doesn’t have a physical description.

She has a friend who helps get her out of a bind by doing something… um… not legal… to her ship.  His name is either Josel or Josul – I haven’t quite settled on a spelling yet.

Josel/Josul is a bad influence on her. (A good friend, but a bad influence.)  But then, Taliya is a bit of an idealist so a bad influence is not necessarily a bad thing.

And I think she may be picking up some relatives that she didn’t know she had, although I’m not entirely certain how, or what role they play yet, or even if they’ll be in it at all.  They are just one possible plot point to pull out and play if my outline looks like it needs more to get me to 50,000 words.

Ah, yes.  The outline.  That’s my next step.

But even without an actual outline it is coming together quite well so far.

I have a starting scene and I’m eager to get started, although I have a long way to go before I’m ready to start writing.

I have lots of bits and pieces – I just need them to start falling into place, and an outline will do that – and will make sure that I don’t forget anything.  It will also let me see what I have so far so that I can see what I still need.

An outline should also help me figure out how the story ends.  I do know how Taliya changes by the end, so that’s a plus, but I don’t have any idea how the story itself play out.

(Oh, and I was right.  This thing is turning out to be a lot more serious than I had originally intended.)

By Friday I hope to have the rough draft of an actual outline, and maybe some scans of the process to show you.  (No, I’m not worried about anyone stealing my ideas from seeing the scans – first they would have to read my handwriting…)

By the way, I’m not doing all of the exercises in Ready, Set, Novel! but the ones that I am using have been amazingly helpful, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to get your story together. 


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