Sunday Excerpt — October 13, 2013

Moving on to something different for a while.  I tried to come up with some more posts from Book 4 of The Academy of the Accord series to introduce Senzu, Vinadi’s daughter, but there was just no way to break it down into 10 sentence snippets,  matter how creative I got with punctuation, so…  For a while at least, we’re going to move to Sanguine, a science fiction novel (still in progress) with elements of semi-paranormal M/M romance.  (Confused yet?)

This is from the opening:  the crew refitting the Sanguine (a space ship) has just finished the job.  The foreman is speaking.

“Who wants to do the final walk-through with the Captain?”

The men looked at each other in an uneasy silence: the final walkthrough was usually done by the foreman, and on the rare occasion that the honor was offered to the crew there were usually a lot of volunteers, but no one seemed to want the task this time:  for some reason that none of them could explain, Captain Kaen Yblis made them uneasy, even frightened.

All but one of them. 

“I’ll do it.”  

The speaker was the newest member of the team, a young blond haired man who said he was twenty two although most of them had their doubts. 

 “All right, Greg, the job’s all yours – we’ll see you back at the shop.”

 Their relief at not having to walk through the empty ship with the Captain was palpable and Gregor watched them go, smiling in amusement.  If they only knew…

 “I think young Gregor has a thing for the Captain,” he heard one of them say as they filed out.  “He’s always been the one that volunteers to take messages to him and what not.”

 Gregor’s full lips curved in a smile. 

 If they only knew indeed…

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38 responses to “Sunday Excerpt — October 13, 2013

  1. I’m sure the Captain and Gregor just enjoy talking spacebaseball during their inspection. And trading, um, navigation tips . . . ? ;)

  2. Hilary - Dangled Carat

    I want to know also!

  3. I’m with the rest, I want to know. I MUST know. lol

  4. Now that sounds like an inspection i’d like to watch. ;)
    Nice snippet!

  5. ooh, intriguing! You set up a mood right away that makes one want to keep reading to find out more…

  6. Gem

    What a tease. Suspense and implied lust (maybe) depends on what they do on their walk. :D

  7. :D You have my attention! Even more than wanting to know what’s going on in Gregor’s mind, I want to know what the Captain’s deal is… Especially since you mentioned paranormal!

    Thanks for sharing :) I hope there’s more next week.

  8. Paranormal sounds like one of them isn’t totally human.

  9. siobhanmuir

    Given the title and Gregor’s reactions, I’d say we’re looking at a vampire who looks younger than his actual age. Great setup and snippet, PT. :)

  10. Well, shoot. Now I want to know, too! LOL!

  11. historysleuth1

    Well it has. :) Knowing it’s paranormal as well is making us wonder which one is what. Is Gregor’s interest just lust or is there something else on his mind? And is it that that has the Captain acting weird or something else? Way to keep us guessing PT!
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

  12. Talk about foreboding. Great way to leave us hanging! Well done. :)

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