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“Starting From Scratch” Has Been Scratched

Well, the idea that I talked about on Monday’s post just isn’t going to take off in time for November.  I still like the idea of it and think that it has a lot of potential, and I’d hate to think that I put all that effort into creating a secret society for nothing, so it will probably be written someday, but… well… it’s just not going to happen in November. At least, not this November.

So, with three weeks left before the start of NaNoWriMo, I have switched gears – and genres, moving from a dark fantasy in a modern setting to a science fiction novel.

Tales of the Onyx Sun has been kicking around in my head for a few years, ever since I bought a Volkswagen from a place that bought cars at auction and resold them.  You could also tell them what you were looking for and they would try to get it for you at auction, which is how I came to own Onyx.  (Yes, I name my cars: my current vehicle, a Scion xB, is named Clyde.)  Of course, buying a used car, especially one from an auction, you know nothing about its history, and the “what ifs” started.  And when “what ifs” start in a writer’s mind, magical and mysterious things can happen…

So, my purchase of my VW underwent a bit of a metamorphosis and became:

A young woman buys a used space ship from a broker and finds herself on the run from both the law and an organized crime syndicate. (The ship was formerly used by an independent trader who smuggled things for the syndicate, so I’m pretty sure that it’s because of something that is hidden on board, although I haven’t figured out exactly what that is just yet.)

My main character doesn’t have a name yet.  (But her mother does. Go figure.) Nor does she have a description.

I do have quite a bit of background coming together for her, though, and hopefully something in that background will spark some plot points and twists for me. (My plots tend to be rather heavily character-driven.)

I am hoping to keep this a light fun story, somewhere along the tone of The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz, but, knowing me, it won’t stay that light and humorous.  (But at least it won’t get as dark as the secret society novel that I’m not writing.)

But we shall see.

So, stay tuned and follow along on the edge of insanity that is a writer’s mind when said writer is developing an entire world and novel outline in the space of three weeks.



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