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Sunday Excerpt — October 6, 2013

Continuing with the start of Book 4 of the Academy of the Accord series.   Last week Marsden asked Vinadi why he was telling him about his relationship with Koppaerna, a Wyverian (non-human) shaman.

(Please note:  this is still a first draft and therefore hasn’t had much editing.)


“Because I received a message from Koppaerna last night.  She said that there is a child in the village that she believes should be trained here at the school and she wants her to be tested.”

Marsden waited, sensing that Vinadi had not yet told him everything. 

“I… I think she’s my daughter.  I don’t know for sure, but…”

Marsden nodded.  “When do we leave?”

Vinadi smiled as a sense of relief flooded through him at Marsden’s easy acceptance.  “Thank you,” he said, his voice a choked whisper, and as Marsden continued to hold him he shook his head. “I should have known you would react this way.”

“You should have known I’d figure something was up,” Marsden replied, and chuckled at the look on Vinadi’s face.  “We took a lot of journeys south, my friend,” he grinned. 


And with this I think we are going to leave Book 4 for a while.  Next week will be… a surprise even to me at this point.


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