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Sunday Excerpt — September 29, 2013

Continuing with the start of Book 4 of the Academy of the Accord series.   Last week Vinadi explained how he and Koppaerna, the Wyverian (non-human) shaman that he is in love with, tried to break off their relationship but couldn’t, and since they couldn’t be together the way they wanted they were together when they could be.  I’m picking up from where I left off.

(Please note, this is still a first draft and hasn’t been edited much.)


Blue eyes begged for forgiveness.  “I’m sorry, Marsden.”


“Koppaerna and I… we… we were lovers.  And you and I –what we have…”

Marsden’s chuckle was warm as he pulled his wizard to him, holding him.  “What we have, Vinadi, is not threatened by what you have with Koppaerna.”

Vinadi’s eyes closed as he leaned into his Warder’s embrace, wondering how he ever could have doubted this man, doubted his love.

“So why are you telling me all of this?”


Hmmm… Why, indeed, Vinadi?   Find out next week…




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