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Sunday Excerpt — September 22, 2013

Continuing with the start of Book 4 of the Academy of the Accord series.   Last week Vinadi admitted to Marsden that he had fallen in love with a woman of another species, something that is just not done.

Vinadi continues speaking:

“At first I tried to tell myself that what I was feeling was just gratitude:  she saved my life, and the boys’ too, no doubt, but it was – is – more than that.”  He shook his head, his blue eyes begging for understanding as he looked at his Warder.  “I wanted her to come back here with me, but she wouldn’t.  Her people needed her, and given how people felt — still feel — about other races, especially ones that came out of the Wizard Wars, well…”  He shrugged, not needing to say more:  Marsden knew all too well what he meant, had seen first hand the results of that prejudice. 

“You didn’t end it.”

“No.”  Vinadi sighed miserably.  “We can’t.  We’ve tried, knowing how hopeless it is for the two of us to ever be together permanently, but we finally had to admit that we are not going to be able to deny our feelings, we just can’t be together the way we want to be, so we are together when we can be.”

(NOTE: “the boys” are not Vinadi’s sons – they are two other wizards and their Warders.  Marsden and Vinadi practically raised them, and although they are now adults Marsden and Vinadi still refer to them as “the boys.”)

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