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Sunday Excerpt — September 15, 2013

Another snippet from  Book 4 of the Academy of the Accord series, picking up from last week’s excerpt.

Vinadi is hesitant to tell Marsden what is troubling him, but Marsden has guessed that it has to do with the rumors he’s heard about his wizard.  He asked Vinadi if they were true, and Vinadi confirmed that they were.  Marsden speaks first:

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Yes.”  Tension flowed out of Vinadi in the light of Marsden’s easy matter of fact acceptance.  He took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh, wondering where to start. 

Marsden saved him the trouble.  “It’s Koppaerna,” the warrior said.

Vinadi looked at him startled.  “Koppaerna…”

“You fell in love with her.” Marsden’s tone was calm, matter-of-fact.

“Yes.”  Vinadi’s voice was a whisper, his head bowed, not wanting to see the revulsion in Marsden’s eyes.

(Koppaerna is a Wyverian, a race created during the wizard wars – roughly humanoid but with scales, wings, and a tail.  Interracial relations are… not exactly accepted.)


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