Yes!  I am back on track!

Well, as long as I keep reminding myself that this is the first draft so clunky sentences and awkward transitions don’t really matter.

(Transitions: the bane of my existence.)

Anyhow, with luck Book 4 will be wrapped up tonight or tomorrow and then on to Book 5 which will hopefully not take as long to sort out and finish so I can get started on Book 6 which is what I’m supposed to be writing this month.  Whew!  

Hey, I’m currently only 9 days behind schedule:  I can totally get caught up to myself! 

*waves at my self-imposed deadline as it goes whooshing by*

Then if I can get Books 6 and 7 both under control next month I’ll be back on track. 

(Um, would someone care to outline my November novel for me for NaNoWriMo?  I’m not sure I’ll be able to squeeze that in.  For that matter, are there any takers for outlining Books 6 sometime this week?  No? Book 7?  I don’t need its outline until the first of October…  No?  How about Book 10 – it’s started, at least, and I won’t be working on it until December so you have lots of time…  Still no? What kind of friends are you?  LOL)

Yes, I’m being silly and goofy and a little punchy.  I think it’s from the relief of having finally beaten the block and getting back into the groove.  It feels so good. And I feel ridiculously free and happy just because I wrote a few lines (that suck) that are helping me wrap up the story.

Well, except for a major transition that is still looming.  In true first draft fashion, though, I’ll put in some awkward sentences that will “tell” more than “show” and at least half of which will probably be in passive voice.  After all, fixing that is for Round Two.

Meanwhile: Round One goes to me.

Happy dancing and spiking imaginary footballs at the goalposts…

See ya on Friday!

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