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Sunday Excerpt — September 8, 2013

So last week we left Vinadi trying to get up enough courage to tell Marsden a secret that he is afraid might destroy their bond.

This week we’re picking up from where we left off.  (This is from my current WiP, Book 4 of the Academy of the Accord series.  With any luck I’ll be working on Book 5 by next week, but I’ll keep on with this one until the secret is revealed.)

(A bit of creative punctuation has been used to get down to an acceptable number of sentences.)

Vinadi is the first speaker:

“It’s personal, and it… it’s going to be hard to explain.” 

Marsden’s steady brown eyes gazed into his.  “This has to do with the rumors about you, doesn’t it?”

Vinadi started. “You knew?”

Marsden shrugged.  “I’ve heard people talk — doesn’t mean much.”

“What if the rumors were true?” 

“Are they?”

Vinadi took a deep breath, steeling himself, but holding Marsden’s gaze as he answered, his voice barely audible:  “Yes.” 


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