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Sunday Excerpt — September 1, 2013

Another snippet from my current WiP, which is Book 4 of the Academy of the Accord series.

This week’s lines are from the opening of the book.  (A bit of creative punctuation has been used to get down to an acceptable number of sentences.)



The warrior smiled and turned, raising a hand in greeting to his wizard, but his expression darkened in concern when he caught sight of him:  Vinadi’s movements were quick, almost abrupt, and his characteristic smile was gone, replaced by a look that hovered somewhere between anxiety and worry. 

“What’s wrong, Vinadi?”  Marsden put a hand on his shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. 

“Do you have a moment to walk with me?”

“Always, my friend,” Marsden said, easily falling into stride with his wizard.  He said nothing, merely kept his hand on Vinadi’s shoulder, feeling him relax beneath his touch.

Vinadi studied Marsden out of the corner of his eye:  they had been through a lot together over the years, but this — this might test the bonds of their friendship. He shook his head:  Marsden was his Warder and he was Marsden’s wizard – there was nothing that could destroy the bond they shared. 

He hoped.  



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