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Bagua and Blockages

So, stress is still eating my energy, which means I haven’t written more than a hundred or so words this last week. I have thought about it, though, which is a plus. Things should be getting better soon. I hope. I miss writing. I miss the free flow of creative energy…


“…the free flow of creative energy…”

“…free flow of energy…”

I have a book called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. (Yes, I am a pack rat and I do have a clutter problem. A recurring clutter problem, actually: it seems that every time I start to get it under control it fights back.)

Anyhow, the book basically talks about how clutter blocks the flow of energy and how clearing away the clutter will enhance not just your living space but all aspects of your life, and that clearing clutter will also clear blockages.


Too lazy to make a search of my bookshelves, I turned to Google for a graphic of bagua. (Bagua are the areas of a house (or room): each area governs a different aspect of your life.) (Not the best definition, but it will do for now.)

Anyhow, Google to the rescue!

I looked up bagua and discovered that one of the worst clutter piles in my room is in the creativity bagua. And, as some of you may know, I’ve been feeling really blocked lately.


(Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Coincidence? Could be. But why take chances? I’m now on a one woman mission to clear that section. (And a couple others as well, but mostly that one.) I mean, it can’t hurt. And it’s a more useful way to procrastinate than liking and sharing a bunch of posts on Facebook.

Speaking of coincidence, just today I read a blog post  about being too tired to write, but unable to sleep. It gives tips for dealing with insomnia and for breaking through (or sneaking around) a writing block.

Once I’ve cleared the clutter and decreased some stress I just might give his ideas a shot. (I need all the help I can get at this point!)

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