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Sunday Excerpt — August 25, 2013

Taking a break from posting from Song and Sword this week to bring you a snippet of my current WiP:  Book Four of the Academy of the Accord series.

(The Academy of the Accord trains wizards, and the warriors that protect them.)

One student — an apprentice — has been subjected to some pretty intense bullying and the school’s leaders have just finished discussing the involvement of a cadet in the attacks on her.

The people involved in this snippet:
Marsden: the commander of the garrison at the school
Wellhym: one of the garrison captains and one of the seconds in command
Yhonshel: a Tuanae – both wizard and warrior, one of the school’s seconds in command

(Note: this is still a rough draft and I’ve had to fudge some punctuation to get to 10 sentences.)

Yhonshel rose abruptly.  “I’ve had enough.  I will deal with them.”

“Yhon,” Marsden cautioned, “they are still children.”

Fire smoldered in grey-green eyes as Yhonshel turned to him.  “It’s time that he – and the rest of those involved – learn what fear is.”   He held Marsden’s gaze a moment longer, then spun in a swirl of black robes and left the room.

“It will be all right,” Wellhym soothed, blocking the door as Marsden started to go after the Tuanae. “Yhon won’t harm them.”

 Marsden took a deep breath and nodded slowly as he sank back into his chair, suddenly weary and heartsick. When had the dream turned into a nightmare?

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