Letters from Camp NaNoWriMo – July 26, 2013

I hit 50,000 words and am a verified winner.  I’ll hopefully get the story wrapped up today, but I’ll be writing around going out for lunch and a trip to Sam’s to stock up on Diet Pepsi and whatever else looks good.  (Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid being sucked down the office supply aisle.  I have absolutely no willpower for that aisle.)

If I don’t wrap it up today, I’m fairly confident that it will happen by end of the weekend.  I am so close to finishing another book in the series I can taste it.

(Not that I eat paper or anything.   I mean, I may eat, sleep and breathe writing, but not physically.)

So, where does the story stand now?
Well, the battle is over.  It needs some major editing (I have too many people standing around doing nothing) but since (as I may have mentioned a time or two) I hate writing fight scenes just getting the first batch of words out makes me happy.  (Well, happy until reality (aka: editing) sinks in.)

What’s happening now?
An interrogation scene.  I don’t much like writing them, either, but at least dialogue is fast and relatively easy.  (I tend to have a lot of talking heads in my rough drafts – I always have to go back and add detail in the editing.)

What’s next?
Wrapping it up.  All that’s left is to finish the interrogation, and a couple more scenes and the epilogue, which will be part of the prologue to Book Nine.  Of course, that means that for the sake of continuity of style I need to add epilogues and prologues to all of the other books, too.  Otherwise these two will stick out and not fit in, and I don’t want anyone to tell them that their mother dresses them funny.


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