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Sunday Excerpt — July 21, 2013

Happy Sunday!  It’s time for another excerpt from my current project for July Camp NaNoWriMo, which is Book 8 (sadly still lacking any other title) of the Academy of the Accord series.  (This is still a WiP so still a rough draft.)

Terhesh is of a non-human race and has been having trouble accepting the fact that there are humans who want to be friends with him, having previously encountered nothing but prejudice.

He was attacked from behind by one of the men trying to kill him and Draethlen (another cadet at the Academy) turned to defend him.   The two of them are in the infirmary.

“Thank you,” Terhesh said.  “I was still conscious enough that I remember you standing over me.   If you had not come back and blocked his blow, Bazlov would have killed me. You risked your life to save mine.”

 “You are my friend,” Draethlen said. “Can you tell me you would not have done the same thing for me?”

 Terhesh was silent, turning the question over in his mind.  “I hope,” he said quietly, “that I would have the courage to respond as you did.”

 “You will,” Draethlen assured him, his eyes closing as he yielded to sleep.

 Terhesh lay awake, listening to Draethlen’s deep breathing, watching him, wishing that he could find the courage to risk calling him a friend.

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