Sunday Excerpt 7-14-2013

Another Sunday, another excerpt from my current project, Book 8 of the Academy of the Accord series.

Following Bazlov’s  attack on a student at the school, Marsden, Vinadi, and Kordelm have gone into town looking for Radenth, another instructor who has also been targeted by the people who sent Bazlov.   Kordelm is worried that Radenth has been attacked and left to die somewhere.

“I don’t think Bazlov was quite stupid enough to have left without making sure he was dead,” Marsden said. 

 Kordelm nodded.  “A quick clean death is something I can live with.”

 Marsden stared at him for a moment.  “Not for long.”

 Kordelm groaned when he realized what he’d said.  “I meant…”

 “I know what you meant,” Marsden laughed.  “Come on, let’s go find Radenth.  And if he’s sitting in a tavern somewhere flirting with the serving girls I’ll help you give him a quick clean death.”

 Vinadi shook his head.  He would never get used to the ease with which warriors joked about death:  he understood that death was a constant reality for them, and that jokes were their way of dealing with its ever present shadow, but their cavalier attitude toward it still disturbed him.

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17 responses to “Sunday Excerpt 7-14-2013

  1. LOL! That was quite witty. Good line, and good description of the reaction.

  2. I’m with Vinadi—I understand why fighters have dark senses of humor, but those sort of jokes can often hit too close to home!

  3. Terrific exchange. Very realistic and I can feel the camaraderie between the men. I’m Vinaldi as well. Great snippet!

  4. Hahaha! I laughed out loud at the bit about helping to give him a quick death if he was flirting with serving girls. Well done!

  5. You have to have a way to cope– even bad humor. 🙂 Great snippet.

  6. Excellent excerpt, these warriors come across as very real men!

  7. siobhanmuir

    I like the juxtaposition of the flippancy of the warriors with the concerns of a civilian. Nicely done. PT. 🙂

  8. “A quick clean death is something I can live with.”

    Love it! This whole exchange was great, but this line is a gem. How was I not already following you?!

  9. This provided great insight into their coping mechanisms and the stark contrast to Vinadi’s perspective–nicely done!

  10. I’ll definitely be disturbed too, it’s like they don’t value life enough.

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