Letters from Camp, July 5, 2013

So, here we are.  Four full days have passed in Camp NaNoWriMo.  My word count isn’t where I’d like it to be:  I’m currently on par to hit 50k by the end of the month, but I don’t have the padding I would like to have.  With any luck, though, I’ll be able to hit 15k today and be more or less back on track.

I’m not really concerned, considering the fact that I had a major change of plans two or three days before Camp started, and not to mention that I am working (mostly) without an outline.

I seem to be outlining in spurts.  I outline two or three scenes, write them, and once I see where things are going I outline a few more. I can’t say that I’m all that happy with this method but for now it’s working.

So, what is this book about, anyhow?

Well, seeing as it’s Book 8 of the Academy of the Accord series, that might take a while to answer, but I’ll give it a shot.

A group of rogue wizards is trying to break the Accord.  They have taken up residence in a secluded tower and have been experimenting on a village of Wyverians.  (Created during the Wizard Wars and intended to be used as fighters, Wyverians resemble humans, but with scales, wings, and tails.  They are a peaceful people, not the war-like creatures their creators had hoped for.)

Terhesh is the only remaining member of that village.  Left to die after attacking one of the wizards in an attempt to protect another Wyverian, he was rescued by Radenth, a former cadet at the Academy of the Accord and a former nemesis of its seconds in command.  Now an instructor at the garrison at Arcane Academy, Radenth took Terhesh there to train him as a warrior. 

Persecuted because of his race, Terhesh was expelled from Arcane, and Radenth quit.  The two of them traveled together until they ran afoul of the wizards from Terhesh’s village.  Cursed and dying, Radenth takes Terhesh to the Academy of the Accord, hoping that he will find acceptance there, and that he will be safe.

But as the only survivor of his village, Terhesh is far too dangerous to the rogue wizards to be allowed to live, and someone at the Academy of the Accord has let them know that he is there, and instructions have been sent regarding him.

Terhesh must overcome his mistrust of humans – especially wizards – and learn to accept the friendship offered to him, or he will become the final victim of his village.

Things may change – this isn’t set in stone – or even in ink – but that’s my current plan.

What’s happening right now in the book?
The school’s leaders are in a meeting, discussing how best to handle the information regarding traitors on their staff.   I’m hoping to get a thousand words or so from it – every meeting I’ve ever been in has been several thousand words in length and solved nothing.  But maybe that’s too realistic for a fantasy novel?



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2 responses to “Letters from Camp, July 5, 2013

  1. sounds like a lot of fun. And a meeting of wizards, in my mind, features a lot of yelling, some pretty big, easily bruised egos, a beard being set on fire (accidently or on purpose) and not a lot being achieved.

    • solowytch

      LOL. That might happen in another book, but these wizards are all friends, closer to each other than they are to their families. (But I can sooo see the beard on fire happening in Book 12 if one of the apprentices loses his temper.)

      [Note to self: In Book 12, do not allow Shander anywhere near the officious jacks from the Wizard Guild.]

      Thanks for stopping by!

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