Paint Your Wagons

Camp NaNoWriMo is underway, and I have set the standard 50K word count goal, despite the lack of an outline and a last minute change of plans.

The plan (yes, that sound you hear is the gods laughing hysterically) was to finish Book 8 of the Academy of the Accord series in June and use July Camp to finish Book 10.  Then in August I was going to move part of Book 4 to Book 5 because it makes more sense there, and then come up with a different plot for Book 4.

But I’ve been having trouble with Book 8, and I think I have finally figured out why – what they are doing and the information they are gathering would work better in Book 10 – it’s all pointing toward the confrontation planned for Book 10.

(You know, it’s one thing when your characters hijack your plot, but when entire plots start rebelling…)

Anyhow, it’s okay. No problem.  I’ll just cut off the last few thousand words of Book 8 and slap it onto Book 10 and worry about making it fit seamlessly later.

Except now I’m missing over half of Book 8.

 But there’s no need to fear!
Camp NaNoWriMo is here!

 I’ll simply finish Book 8 in July instead of Book 10.

Except I have no clue what is going to happen.

Oh, I have a vague (very vague) idea, but no outline.   I like outlines.  I work better with an outline.  I want an outline!  (I’ll stop whining now.)

So, it’s going to be an adventure.  I’m setting off on a journey to an unknown destination, and I may get a lost a time or two – but you’re all invited to come along for the ride.

“Where am I going?
I don’t know.
When will I get there?
I ain’t certain.
All that I know is I am on my way.
Got a dream, boys,  got a song.
Paint your wagons, and come along.”

(Paraphrased because I’m too lazy to look up the lyrics.)


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