Sunday Excerpt 6-30-2013

(Apologies to anyone who popped in before now.  Somehow the snippet didn’t save before this posted.)

It’s Sunday again!  That means time for another excerpt of some book or other.

This week it is from Sanguine, and old WiP that I hope to finish someday.  It’s a science fiction/fantasy novel.  The title is the name of the luxury star cruiser that is owned and captained by Kaen Yblis – a Vampire.  The first Vampire.   But he’s not a Vampire as we know them.  The ones that we know are (in my world) called Ferrastin, and they are… well, they are vampires as we know them.   Gregor is Kaen’s Blood Slave.  Kaen has been missing for generations, and Gregor’s family has kept the old ways alive, waiting for their Master to return.

Gregor and his uncle were held captive by a Ferrastin who wanted them to surrender to her, to give her their blood line.  Kaen has just killed one of her minions and learned where to find her, and Gregor, not knowing that Kaen knows where she is, has asked if they are going to return to Earth now.

 “No.”  Kaen’s voice was curt.  “We continue to the Kirril quadrant. I have some unfinished business there.”  He turned and looked at Gregor.  “I know where to find the Ferrastin, and she will pay for what she has done.”  As he spoke he crossed the room to Gregor.  “She will pay for hurting my people, for hurting you.”  Gentle fingers stroked Gregor’s cheek as his rage was replaced by the love that had driven it.  “I promise you, Gregor, she will pay.”

(That seems like an awfully long set up for a short snippet… Sorry ’bout that!)

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Camp NaNoWriMo starts on Monday, so for the next month my Sunday snippets will be from whatever I’ve written that week.


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4 responses to “Sunday Excerpt 6-30-2013

  1. siobhanmuir

    Sounds like he’s ruthless enough to defend what he considers his wards. Nicely written, PT. :)

  2. Vengeance is great motivator! :)

  3. I have a bad feeling about this. I would say hide the people you love in safety before doing something reckless.

    (I was a bit confused by the second to the last sentence, I felt like it was Gregor’s rage but it seems to be Kaen’s)

  4. Hell hath no fury like a ticked off Vampire protecting his people!

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