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Sunday Excerpt 6-23-2013

Sorry the post is a bit late this week.  I thought about getting it ready on Friday, but Sunday seemed so far away then.  And work last night sucked the life out of me, so…  Anyhow, here is this week’s excerpt.  It’s from my current WiP (Work in Progress), which is Book 8 (probably) of the Academy of the Accord series.  It’s still a bit rough — this is the first draft. 

Jidahn is Vinadi’s uncle, and a rogue wizard, out to destroy the Accord.  Marsden is a Warder, a warrior with an instinct to protect wizards (at least, ones that haven’t violated the Accord by using magic to harm others).  More than that, though, Marsden is Vinadi’s Warder– the two of them have formed a deeper bond, and have been friends for more years than either one wants to admit to.  

“Oh, it can be destroyed,” Jidahn smiled. “And it’s quite simple. All we have to do is destroy you.”

As he spoke his arm shot forward, hurling something unseen at his nephew.


“Marsden! No!”

 A black blur passed across his field of vision and Vinadi could only watch in horror as his Warder put himself in the path of the spell, and then Marsden’s arms were around him, surrounding him with the sense of security and love and protection that always came from the warrior as Marsden tackled him to the ground.  Vinadi grasped him instinctively, holding onto him as he fell backwards, a shriek of pain blocking all other sound from his ears.  Marsden twisted to take the brunt of the fall, rolling as they hit the ground to pin Vinadi beneath him, covering him with his own body.

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