Sunday Excerpt 6-9-2013

This is a new feature.  Every Sunday I’ll be posting 8 lines of… something.  Either a current WiP, a WiP in waiting, or maybe lines from something that is already finished.

This week’s lines are from Song and Sword:

It was hot, and silent, and she felt a sense of timelessness, then the presence that was Arithen filled the room and she was granted a vision and she heard His voice that was not a voice.  “Victory will be yours.  You will be sorely tested and you will make powerful enemies, but you will also find true friends.”


Had the word not come from her God she would have scoffed.


She had no friends – not anymore…

She closed her eyes but that only made the scene more vivid: mutilated bodies, victims of a Drow raid on her village, left to rot in the summer sun, a feast for scavengers.

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8 responses to “Sunday Excerpt 6-9-2013

  1. That doesn’t sound rejoicing but there is a little bit of hope in the victory at least.

  2. Intense and intriguing. Here’s hoping she does make those new friends to offset the past somewhat. Excellent excerpt!

  3. Intriguing. Opens up a lot of questions about the character. A lot of questions the reader will want answered.

  4. historysleuth1

    Very good snippet. That last paragraph makes for a powerful image. Nice 8!

    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

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