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“BoCFoK” stands for Butt on Chair Fingers on Keyboard and it is the second secret of writing a novel.  (Yagottawanna is the first.)

That’s right.  Sit your butt down and type.  Don’t sit around talking about how you’re writing (or going to write) a novel. Sit down and do it.

I know, I know.  That’s not nearly as much fun as hanging out at a party and talking about that great novel you’re writing, or moaning the lack of inspiration and the never-ending case of writer’s block.  But eventually you’re going to need to have something to show for your talk, and the only way to do that is:


Sure, sometime it’s hard.  Sometimes the words don’t flow the way you want them to and your writing seems dull and flat and boring and the scenes that are playing out so vividly in your head just don’t translate to paper and you want to give up and just talk about your lack of progress.


Just keep writing.  Slog through it.  Use Write or Die if you’re really struggling. (It has saved me more than once!)

Even if what you’re writing is stuff that you’re sure you’re going to cut later, keep on tapping those keys and making those words.  Why?  Because forward motion is important.  So…


And remember, this is your first draft.  It doesn’t have to be perfect:  you perfect it later.  For now, you just sit down and get it down and get it done.

And when you have finished your first draft, then what?

You guessed it:

More BoCFoK.

Because now it’s time for everyone’s favorite four letter word:


Now is the time to destroy all the lackluster stuff you forced yourself to write and force it into new and better beautiful prose.

Your weapons:

a dictionary

a thesaurus



(This post is dedicated to The Warrior Poet.)


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