Valium, Valium, Who’s Got the Valium?

With any luck, Song and Sword will be available for Kindle on Monday, May 20th.  (Just in time for writers’ group that night.)  It has a cover, all the front stuff, a blurb, and a bio.  It is as edited as I can get it (but I’m sure there are still things I’ve missed.)  All it needs is to be properly formatted.  (That is going to be today’s project.  Please ignore screams of frustration emanating from a small town in Western Pennsylvania. I may be bald by the time it’s all said (screamed?) and done, but it will happen.)

Am I excited?  You bet!

I’m also scared and nervous.  What if it really sucks?

My mother (who owned a Kindle long before I did) says she’s read a lot of self-published books on it and she assures me that mine is better than most and as good as the others.  But part of me can’t shake the feeling that… Well, she’s my mother.  She’s supposed to say that.  It’s in the Mom Handbook, along with things like “Your face will freeze that way,” and “When you fall and break your leg don’t come running to me.”

So how do you find the courage to go through with it?  I don’t know. Really I don’t.  I hope that I’ve told enough people that I won’t chicken out, but if anyone has any other advice I’d love to hear it.

Meanwhile, please pass the Valium…

(P.S. Yes, it will be available on Nook, but one crisis at a time. LOL)

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