One Step Closer

Yesterday I finally finished re-paragraphing Song and Sword.

When I write, I use block paragraphs.  They are easier for me to “see” when I scan through the manuscript looking for something.  Unfortunately, in order to publish a book it has to have indented paragraphs.  It’s been a long, mind-numbingly dull process, but it’s done.  And the lesson has been learned.  From now on when I finish editing a chapter I will re-paragraph it before going on to the next.

So, anyhow, it’s all official-looking now, with real book-like paragraphs.  It’s printed and in a three-ring binder ready for one last read-through.  (Anyone care to guess what today’s project is?  Other than laundry and mowing the lawn.)

I still need a book cover — that’s the next major project.  (Note to self: start working on covers sooner.)

And I still need an author bio.  I hate writing them so I’ll just steal from the one here.  (Can you plagiarise yourself?)

Then there is the disclaimer — a work of fiction, no resemblance, yadda yadda. It shouldn’t take too long to write.  Neither should an acknowledgements page.  (Why does that sound like famous last words?)

The worst thing (except, possibly, for the cover) is a blurb.  I hate writing blurbs.  Writing a blurb is like trying to describe yourself in three words or less.  Which words do you choose?

But even the thought of writing a blurb can’t dim my enthusiasm.  I am one step closer to getting Song and Sword out there.

And I am so excited I can’t stand it.

And I am scared to death.

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